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  1.5 + JOURNAL: What is Spirit?


Want to go deeper?

One of the best ways to kindle new understanding is QUESTIONS.

Each week I'll be providing different types of material for you to work with: recorded meditations, suggested practices, and more. But I highly recommend taking time after each new lesson to sit and make yourself a list of questions.

The inner commentary that arises as we watch, listen, and read is valuable, but questions are different. Our comments are like keys that unlock the doors the speaker is presenting. Comments arise from the dialogue between two spirits. When the dialogue is over, often we find the same keys we received during the presentation repeating themselves in our mind, and so we note that the ideas we received had some impact. The keys jingle.

But what if we want MORE keys? What if we want to go beyond our first round of insights and reactions and see what further inner-wisdom we can unearth? Well, in this nifty format you can always watch a video again and see what new insight emerge.

But beyond hitting replay, what we really need is Questions. Questions are the doors that force us to discover new keys. Questions move the dialogue out of the space between you and the teacher, and into an interior space.

For some that interior space is uncomfortable, if my words are my own and not a reaction, then I am fully responsible for my ideas. Responsibility can be intimidating! Not to mention, an exterior conversation anchors our focus into who we are responding to and what we are doing. When we move the process inwards it can be difficult to focus in a place that is less defined. And yet it is precisely that lack of definition that lies deeper in our Inner Realm that yields more creative, surprising keys. In the Inner Realm, the Question becomes your point of focus and your guide.

This week, I have a set of questions to get us started thinking about Spirit as Identity. But do listen for your own questions as they arise as well. And if they don't arise automatically, then put pen to paper and go fish!



**This is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file. You can download it and print it out, or download it and edit the text fields on your computer. You can read the questions on your screen and write your answers in your journal. But here's what you can't do -- type into the PDF file here in the classroom. That would be fancy, though! Maybe in a future iteration!